The Effects of Oral Health on Your Overall Health

The Effects of Oral Health on Your Overall Health

Posted by STEVEN H. BRENMAN DMD on Apr 12 2021, 05:05 AM

Your oral health can say a lot about your overall health. Many patients got to know about their diabetes and heart diseases because they had dental issues and discovered these illnesses by accident. 

How Does the Mouth Act as the Gateway to the Body?

There is a significant correlation between oral health and overall health. 

This is because, on the one hand, most of what goes into our bodies first goes through our mouths. This can cause oral health issues to affect other parts of the body. 

On the other hand, what happens in our mouths can tell a story about what is happening in the body. 

How Is Oral Health Connected With Diabetes?

Gum health and diabetes are closely intertwined. 

First of all, diabetes is linked to an increase in the risk of developing gum disease. This is because people who suffer from diabetes cannot properly fight off the harmful bacteria that build up in the mouth, making them more likely to develop gum disease. 

Second of all, blood sugar levels are known to fluctuate because of the same bacteria present in the mouth. When it is not properly controlled, it can make diabetes harder to manage.

How Is Oral Health Related to Heart Diseases?

Oral health is also linked to heart disease given that they are both related to high levels of inflammatory markers in the body. 

In fact, up to 91% of people who suffer from heart disease also develop or have gum disease. 

Tips for Maintaining Good Oral Health

1. Flossing

Flossing helps remove the food particles that are stuck between the teeth that you cannot reach with the toothbrush. If you want to have healthy teeth, you should floss daily. 

2. Take calcium and other vitamin supplements 

Teeth require a lot of calcium to stay strong. You can get calcium from foods like milk, cheese, broccoli, yogurt, or take calcium supplements as advised by your physician. Together with calcium, vitamin D and vitamin B also help maintain healthy teeth and gums.

3. Limit the intake of acidic drinks and foods and caffeine

Eating or drinking foods that are highly acidic or full of sugar can cause many dental issues and tooth decay. Also, foods and drinks containing additives like food dye can stain or discolor your teeth. To have healthy-looking teeth, maintain a healthy diet made of natural ingredients.

When you take good care of your dental health, you can also protect yourself from other diseases. A dental problem is sometimes not only that. It can be a more severe medical condition requiring your attention.  

If you want to maintain your oral health and prevent other health issues, do not hesitate to contact Steven H. Brenman DMD, one of the best dentists in Staten Island, NY, at (718) 447-4510. You can also book an appointment online or visit us at 1311 Bay Street, Staten Island, NY 10305. 

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