What Is Considered A Dental Emergency?

What Is Considered A Dental Emergency?

Posted by Steven H. Brenman, DMD on Aug 22 2019, 12:29 AM

Unbearable pain in your tooth is usually a sure sign of a dental emergency to most people. It usually causes you to pay an unexpected visit to your dentist. To prevent you from panicking next time you feel pain in your tooth, let’s enumerate and elaborate on the true dental emergencies in existence.

Unaligned Or Loose Tooth

You should call your doctor immediately if your tooth is unaligned or loose. Set up an emergency appointment. While you wait, try to put the tooth back in its place. Apply light pressure with your finger. Don’t force it. Bite down to keep it stable. Your dentist may splint your affected tooth to the tooth next to it to keep it firmly in place.

Facial Pain And Tissue Injury

Tears, puncture wounds, and lacerations inside your mouth are categorized as tissue injuries. They have to be tended to right away. It is best to go to your dental surgeon or your local hospital ER as soon as you can.

Tooth Or Teeth Knocked Out

This is a dire dental emergency that needs urgent care. Make sure to pick up your tooth and clean it. Place it in a small, clean container so its roots would be intact. Inform your dentist that you need to go to the clinic immediately. Do get to your dentist’s clinic as quickly as you can so that you could still save your tooth.

Fractured, Or Cracked Tooth

If you have a fractured or cracked tooth, that is an entirely different thing. This type of damage may extend to the inner part of the tooth. In severe cases, the tooth would have to be pulled. Call your doctor right away for an emergency dental appointment. Before you leave, you can take acetaminophen. Clean your mouth and apply a cold compress on the side of the face affected. Avoid applying any topical pain reliever on the site because they tend to burn.

Abscess In The Tooth

This is a severe type of dental emergency. It may even be life-threatening because of the pus-filled tooth. This indicates that the level of tooth infection is extremely high. An abscess like this manifests through pus-filled bumps around the affected tooth, facial swelling, hypersensitivity to cold and hot food and drink, tender neck lymph nodes, longstanding toothache, and fever. An abscessed tooth is a dental emergency if the infection has already spread into your jaw, surrounding areas of tissue, and other parts of the body. Call your dentist immediately for emergency treatment. Before you go, rinse your mouth with mild saline to help remove the pus at the surface of the tooth.

 A dental emergency calls for your dentist’s immediate attention. Here, at Steven H. Brenman, DMD Family and Cosmetic Dentistry, we have a team in the emergency dentistry department that will help you immediately. We also have the equipment and the know-how to end your dental emergency. Call our Staten Island, New York, office now at (718) 447-4510 to set up your emergency dental appointment.

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