How to Practice Good Mouth Hygiene Outdoors

How to Practice Good Mouth Hygiene Outdoors

Posted by STEVEN H. BRENMAN DMD on Mar 11 2022, 03:47 AM

We all love to travel to explore nature, meet people and learn about different cultures. But do you consider how to care for your oral health when you are outside the home? You can't take a vacation from your oral hygiene routine when you are outside. It deserves attention as oral health cannot be compromised at any time.

Pack Your Toothbrush in the Correct Manner

Make sure the case you purchase to hold the toothbrush should have proper holes for drainage and ventilation. If the case is closed, moisture could remain in the case. Thus, it makes a favorable place for harmful bacteria to grow and multiply. 

If you are staying somewhere during the trip, keep the toothbrush in the outside air instead of keeping it in the case. The toothbrush should be kept dry or else it may become a breeding site for bacteria. Don't forget to clean the toothbrush holder to make it germ-free.

Watch Your Eating Habits When You Are Outside

Healthy eating habits may often change when we engage ourselves outside. Cut down on sugary treats as they may affect your oral health. If you are enjoying a vacation or a pleasure trip, consuming a lot of sugary desserts is not an excuse to neglect oral health. Carry tooth-friendly travel snacks, else we are inviting tooth decay.

Carry Sugar-Free Gums

Sugar-free gums are the perfect travel partner to freshen up in between the regular oral care sessions. If you take a long time without routine oral hygiene care, sugar-free gum helps to remove food debris and bacteria from the mouth and keep your breath smelling perfect.

Stick To Your Oral Care Routine

Even if you are exhausted with long travel or business meetings, stick to an oral care routine. Do not skip away from brushing twice a day and flossing every day. Otherwise, it may affect your teeth and gums. Always keep your oral care supplies within the carry-on luggage, so that you can freshen up anywhere, anytime. Make sure toothbrushes, toothpaste, floss, and mouthwash are present before going outside.

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