Everything You Should Know About Crowns & Bridges Before Getting One

Everything You Should Know About Crowns & Bridges Before Getting One

Posted by STEVEN H. BRENMAN DMD on Dec 31 2020, 03:59 AM

Losing a tooth can be one of the most disheartening things you will ever encounter. However, many people don't know about the side effects of losing one. Generally, people think that a lost tooth can only hamper your smile and lowers your self-confidence during social interaction. But in reality, it can also affect your digestive system as well. The absence of a tooth can lead to improper chewing and thus leading to improper digestion. Now, due to the developments in dentistry, it is possible to get the lost tooth back. 

We are talking about dental crowns and bridges - the artificial tooth that can replace the lost ones. These are also the closest version of the natural tooth that you can get. These are just like dentures, but the only difference is that they won't slide around. Dental crowns are fixed to the dental implants and bridges, which function more or less like the natural tooth. 

Dental Crowns can also act as a cap for an individual's damaged tooth or can be placed on top of the dental implants. Dental Implants are the metal fixtures that are surgically fastened to your jawbone below the gums. These metals provide stable support for the crown to be placed on it, which will help to eat, bite, and speak without any hassle. Normally, the healing process after getting the dental implants range from 6-12 weeks. 

Bridges are the structure which is used to replacing missing teeth. The crowns which are present at the ends of the bridge can fuse with the existing teeth, or the attachment process can also be done by your dental professional. 

It is important to take proper care of crowns and bridges. Chewing hard food, ice, or other hard objects can be a reason for loosening of the crowns and bridges over time.

If you are looking to get dental crowns or bridges, we have got you covered. We have housed professional dentists who come with a plethora of experience in crowns and bridges, and moreover, we do over 100 units of crowns and bridges every month with the highest success rate. Call us and get an appointment. 

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