Bad Habits That Can Decline Oral Health

Bad Habits That Can Decline Oral Health

Posted by Steven H. Brenman on Nov 15 2022, 10:17 PM

Oral health is very important to maintain overall health. However, there are many habits that can cause harm to our oral health. Listed below are such habits.

  • Smoking

Cigarettes and other forms of tobacco can cause more than just lung disease. Tobacco also stains your teeth and causes bad breath. It can lead to gum disease and increase your risk of developing oral cancer. It can also make periodontal disease worse by making it harder for your gum tissue to reattach to your enamel after your gums are damaged. Plus, there are chemicals in cigarettes that can cause your saliva to become acidic, which can eat away at your tooth enamel and increase the risk of tooth decay. In addition to being bad for your overall health, smoking is also bad for your teeth and gums. If you’re a smoker and would like to quit, visit our dentist for tips on how to start a successful smoking cessation plan that works for you.

  • Teeth Grinding and Clenching

If you wake up with sore jaws or a headache every day, you may be grinding your teeth at night while you sleep. A custom mouthguard from your dentist can protect your jaw by distributing the force of the impact across a larger surface area. A night guard can also prevent damage to your teeth and restorations like crowns.

  • Chewing Ice

While many people chew ice cubes when enjoying a beverage, this habit is actually quite harmful to your teeth for a number of reasons. First, depending on the temperature of your drink and the room temperature around you, the cubes can become extremely cold in your mouth. Not only can this lead to oral pain, but it can also cause damage to the enamel of your teeth. Additionally, many cubes contain sugar or artificial sweeteners; both will feed the bacteria in the mouth and lead to tooth decay. If you must chew something while drinking, use crushed ice instead. By crushing the ice, you can reduce the damage you can cause to your teeth while still enjoying a refreshing beverage. 

  • Nail Biting

Nail-biting is a common bad habit that can damage oral health by causing broken or chipped teeth and infections in the gums. If left untreated, this habit can cause the teeth to shift out of place and result in a malocclusion (misalignment of the teeth). In some cases, the jaw may grow asymmetrically to compensate for the constant force put on the jaw joints from the nail-biting action. This can result in uneven wear patterns on the chewing surfaces of the lower front teeth. The condition is very treatable and can be corrected with a removable oral appliance that will correct the bite and prevent further tooth damage.

  • Using Teeth as Tools

If you have a tendency to use your teeth like scissors or pliers, it’s important to stop right away! Even occasional tooth-tooling can damage the enamel of your smile over time, leading to chips and cracks that may require restorative treatment to repair. Tooth tooling can also lead to jaw pain and headaches if done too frequently. If you’re prone to this bad habit, try carrying scissors with you and use them instead.

  • Brushing The Teeth Hard

Did you know that even your toothbrush can be damaging to your smile? The bristles can scratch and scrape sensitive gum tissue, causing inflammation that can lead to gum disease over time. To combat this problem, choose a brush with soft bristles when shopping for your next oral hygiene product. And don’t brush your teeth too hard—it’s easy to feel pressure but not know how much it’s hurting your smile. Use a gentle touch to avoid irritating your gums.

If you wish to learn more about good oral care habits, make an appointment with our dental experts. Visit us at Steven H. Brenman DMD, 1311 Bay St, Staten Island NY 10305. Call us to book an appointment at 718 6502199.

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